Welcome To The

Amateur Radio Station Website

Hello and welcome to my little space here on the web from K4APY (Jim). I am located in East Tennessee just a short drive from Knoxville. I have been in amateur radio since 1999 but have been interested since I was very young, but never had the resources to pursue it until later. I am a member of The Roane County Amateur Radio Club , Roane County ARES, and The ARRL. I routinely listen to 147.015 on 2 meters (KE4RX Repeater). When I operate HF, I monitor around 28.450 Mhz (The RCARC Club Calling Frequency) and around the 18.150 Mhz frequency.Please feel free to drop me an e-mail to k4apy@yahoo.com if you want.

My Station consists of :

  • Ten Tec Delta 580 Transceiver (10 - 160 Meters)
  • Ten Tec Power Supply
  • Icom IC-28H 2 Meter Transceiver
  • Yaesu FT-7800 Mobile Transceiver
  • Icom T7H Sport Dual Band HT
  • Jim Black G5RV-160 antenna
  • Lakewood 2Meter Colinear Array with Ground Plane Kit

    Check back for updates to my website as this is a work in progress.
    Also Dont' for get to Visit The Roane County Amatuer Radio Club Website

    One Final Note. I am looking or classmates from The Roane County High School Class of 1979 from Kingston Tennessee, so if you are an alumnus of that class be sure to get in touch with me at k4apy@yahoo.com so I can get valuable information to you! C-ya Later!!!